Best hidden bars in Perth

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Are you looking for the cosiest bars to hang out at this Winter? Don't worry, we have your back. Gone are the days of big neon signs, billboards and in-your-face bars and pubs. If you’re looking for a different kind of nightlife experience to make your escapades even more interesting, you’re in luck. Perth has become a hotspot for unique bars and clubs that are hidden from foot traffic and can only be found by those who truly seek them out. The exclusivity, the timeless designs, the creative mixology and the ambience all combine to make the perfect concoction for a memorable night out in the CBD. We’ve used our local insights to compile a list of our favourite secret bars and speakeasys in Perth just for you, and best of all, they are all within walking distance from Hostel G! But shhhhh.... don't tell anyone.


Toots is one of Perth's most intriguing bars as its mystery hides behind the right door! The new Chinatown bar has a hidden disco bar WITHIN the already secret bar. Be sure to ask the staff 'Is Toots in?' to gain access to the hidden dance floor. The 70's-style disco serves up a variety of delicious vintage cocktails such as a Fruit Tingle, White Russian, Midori Illusion and the Ultimate B52. Toots is only a 10-min walk from Hostel G.

Toots Perth

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Convenients, appropriately named, is the hottest new bar in town that's not so easy to find. Located within a fully functioning convenience store, Convenients can be found through a set of fridge doors doubling as a drinks fridge! Dedicated to all things rock, Convenients has a plethora of live music, great food and of course... snacks. Also located in Chinatown, Convenients is only a 13-min walk from Hostel G.


The worst kept secret in Perth, Sneaky Tony's is a timeless speakeasy tucked away within Northbridge. This hidden gem is concealed in what appears to be an abandoned building, but be careful, it's not so easy to get in. Make sure to find the secret password that changes daily to enter the candlelit bunker-style bar with a wall of spirits that will take your breath away. Sneaky Tony's is a 10-min walk from Hostel G.


Located within the State Buildings, Pooles Temple is a quaint yet sophisticated French jazz bar hidden away from plain sight. The boutique underground bar boasts a well-curated French-inspired wine collection and a number of classic cocktails that are to die for. After opening in July 2020, Pooles Temple has made quite the name for itself, so be warned, there can be a line at the door, but trust us, it's worth the wait. This popular CBD bar has live jazz every Friday and Saturday night after 10.30pm, you don't want to miss it! Pooles Temple is a 19-min walk from Hostel G.

Pooles temple Perth

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Ezra Pound

You have walked down William Street, time and time again. With so many nice stores, cafés, bars and restaurants, there is almost too much to choose from. Past the bouncer, down a slim alley, lies a bar that feels almost out of place. Ezra Pound’s intimate 1920’s feel makes for comfortable and cosy drinking in the heart of Northbridge. Known for their incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff and a great beer selection to match, Ezra Pound is the perfect spot to stop by and catch up with mates this weekend. Ezra Pound is an 8-min walk from Hostel G.

Foxtrot Unicorn

One of the most unique bars in Perth is situated inside an old underground bank vault from 1887, with an even more unique name, Foxtrot Unicorn. The St George’s Terrace hideaway not only specialises in a wonderful array of alcoholic beverages but also in a variety of tasty jaffles including:

• Thick-cut glazed ham with a pork and sage stuffing with caramelised onion jam jaffle

• Mac’ n’ Cheese jaffle

• picy pulled pork and jalapeño jaffles

• Sheppard’s pie Jaffle

With a motto like ‘Our bar is an ode to good booze, and even better times’ you know Foxtrot Unicorn is the place to be. Foxtrot Unicorn is a 14-min walk from Hostel G.

Foxtrot Unicorn Perth

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