Is your home

Backpacker on a budget? Young professional? Family holiday? You’re all welcome here. Whether you’re going solo or believe in the more the merrier, our shared and private hostel rooms are designed to fit your lifestyle making us not only the largest but one of the coolest hostels in Perth.

Private rooms

Private rooms without the big price tag.

Great room

2 people. Twin.
From A$ 109 per room

Greatest room

4 people. Twin +2 bunks.
From A$ 132 per room

Greatest Suite

6 people. Twin +4 bunks.
From A$ 198 per room

Shared rooms

Get social with the trendiest shared accommodation in Perth.

Good XL Shared 4

4 people. 4 bunks.
From A$ 34 per bed

Good shared 6

6 people. 6 bunks.
From A$ 33 per bed

Good shared 8

8 people. 8 bunks.
From A$ 32 per bed

Glam Room (Ladies Only)

4 people. 4 bunks.
From A$ 35 per bed
Not your typical Hostel