Top Australian Words and Phrases You Need to Know

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9 Australian words you should remember


No, we are not talking about Harry Potter here, but rather about that lazy friend (or colleague) of yours who always oversleeps or generally doesn’t seem to get anything done – such a bludger…

Good on ya

If you’ve done an Australian person a favour, they’re likely to say this to thank you and express their appreciation of a job well done.


Australians are fun people who know how to party and have a good time. That’s why it’s quite possible you’ll attend a ripper of an event or meet a ripper of a bloke while you’re out.

Hard yakka

This term pops us when you’re talking about hard work or something that was challenging. Since it’s quite a rural term, it probably comes from the hard yakka wood.

Chuck a sickie

Who hasn’t done it… if you chuck a sickie in Australia, you call in sick and take a day off. Hopefully, you don’t have to lay low during your holidays but just in case the topic of work comes up, this is a fun one to know.


When you steal a deal, it’s known as a bargain. Whether you get 50% off at a pub or $1 off your fave choccy biscuits, you know you’ve found a bloody good bargain.

Put a sock in it

This one should be pretty obvious. And of course, it can come in very handy if you find yourself in the middle of a long chat and want to tell your mate to take a break. “Put a sock in it mate!”.

All those ‘Os’

Australians are known to add the letter ‘O’ to pretty much any word to replace one or more syllables. This might take some getting used to, but here are some common ones: avo (avocado), smoko (smoke break), bottle-o (liquor shop), defo (definitely) and arvo (afternoon).

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