5 Free Activities for your South - West WA Road Trip!

What better time than right now to experience and explore WA and all that it has to offer? From climbing over 213 ft tall trees to making friends with the beautiful stingrays or even just walking along the longest jetty – there’s plenty of things to do down south that won’t break the wallet. So, get set to immerse yourself in some glorious natural landscapes and breathe crisp air as we’ve compiled a whole list of FREE things to do if you ever find yourself lucky enough to be in Western Australia.

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1. Busselton

Highlight: Injidup Natural Spa, Wyadup Rocks

Distance from Perth : 2 h 22 min  (222.9 km) via State Route 2 and National Route 1

Address : Beach end of Queen Street, Busselton, Western Australia 6280

Definitely not one to miss! (Especially with it being the longest jetty in the southern hemisphere!) At 1,841 metres long, Busselton Jetty was first opened in 1865 and is one of the most famed attractions in Busselton, with its glistening Geographe Bay waters right over the edge of the railings. You can even hop on the Jetty Train Ride for a more relaxing experience!

2. Dunsborough

Highlight: Injidup Natural Spa, Wyadup Rocks

Distance from Perth: 2 h 43 min (248.9 km) via State Route 2

Distance from Busselton: 22 min (23.9 km) via Caves Rd and Bussell Hwy

Address: Off Caves Road, Yallingup, Western Australia, 6282

How does this sound: crystal-clear waters, shoulder massages, spectacular views and all for absolutely free? Too good to be true? Introducing the Injidup Natural Spa where you can get a pampering session for absolutely free even while overlooking the Western Australian coastline in all its splendor! This is a place where ocean meets land and where you can let your body unwind with some natural relaxation thanks to Mother Nature. We recommend climbing up the rocks to get an even more impressive view of the coastline!

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3. Margaret River

Highlight: Hamelin Bay

Distance from Perth: 2 h 57 min (273.1 km) via State Route 2

Distance from Dunsborough: 39 min (51.2 km) via Bussell Hwy/State Route 10

Address : Hamelin Bay Road, Hamelin Bay, Western Australia, 6288

Bring your snorkelling gear as this is one southwest coastal bay you definitely want to tick off your bucket list! Hamelin Bay is famous for being the home of an abundance of stingray critters (we’ve spotted whole families of rays before!) and you can even get up close and personal with these amazing creatures in their own natural habitat. They’ll be swimming around you in the bay’s crystal-clear waters where it’s so clear you’ll also be able to see all the interesting fauna and marine life swimming around.

4. Augusta

Highlight: Cape Leeuwin

Distance from Perth : 3 h 20 min (315.7 km) via State Route 2

Distance from Margaret River : 30 min (42.1 km) via Bussell Hwy/State Route 10

Address : 1 Leeuwin Road, Leeuwin, Western Australia 6290

Located in the South Western tip of Australia, Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is one of Australia’s tallest lighthouses standing at 39 metres high and one of its famous maritime landmarks. Guided tours are conducted daily at the Lighthouse and there’s even a visitor centre, displays, café and retail shop which all overlook the beautiful ocean views. While entry to the tours requires an entry fee, it’s still worth the visit to this historical building!

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5. Pemberton

Highlight: Giant Tree Climbs (Bicentennial Tree & Gloucester Tree)

Distance from Perth : 3 h 33 min (324.2 km) via State Route 2 and National Route 1

Distance from Augusta : 1 h 27 min (125.2 km) via State Route 10 and Vasse Hwy

Address : via Old Vasse Road, Pemberton, Western Australia 6260

Back in the 30’s and 40’s, fire lookouts were constructed on top of tall Karri trees in order to spot fires from afar. Today, you can still climb some of these lookout trees located in Pemberton, and take in the breath-taking views at the Gloucester Tree and Dave Evans Bicentennial Tree to name a few. Have a climb up these trees that range over 75 metres tall for absolutely no cost at all (they’re netted and perfectly safe too!).

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