1. Turn on ‘Private Browsing’ when searching for flights

If you’ve ever gone searching on airlines and travel sites, you might have noticed that the prices rise every time the browser was refreshed. That’s because these sites have cookies installed and get you into buying your flights sooner (hello impulse purchases!). A quick fix is always to switch to private browsing or view in incognito mode when doing your vacation research.

2. Download essential travel apps like Currency Converter and Google Translate

From everyday itinerary trackers to city metro lines, it seems like there’s an endless amount of travel apps for your smartphone these days which are helpful for your trips! The team at Hostel G recommends essential apps like ‘Currency Converter Plus’ for easy currency conversions so you know exactly how much you’re spending. ‘Google Translate’ also helps if you’re in a foreign country where there are language barriers!

3. Keep a pen in your bag/pocket

Remember that time the flight attendants were handing out custom forms before landing and you were searching around for a pen or pencil? Don’t skimp out on adding this to your travel pack! Whether it’s custom forms, filling out booking forms or writing down important notes or contact numbers – you’ll be glad you packed a pen!

4. Save space in your luggage by rolling instead of folding

Roll up those sleeves from bottom to the top instead of folding each item of clothing to save some MAJOR space in your luggage. You’ll be able to store plenty more of souvenirs, snacks and items of clothing from your trip instead of buying and struggling for more space on board the flight back home.

5. Pack a portable charger for emergencies

We’ve all been there and done that but the worst thing to happen in this day and age is when your phone runs out of battery! 3% and IN THE RED?! No more panic mode by packing in a portable charger in your everyday travel pack.

6. E-mail a scan of your passport and important documents (itinerary, ID)

The best thing about living in the digital age is that we can store everything in the cloud (while we’re heading up into the clouds!) In case of emergencies or you find yourself missing your passport or other important documents, you’ll be pleased to know you can connect to WiFi and have easy access.

7. Mark your baggage as fragile

Have access to a few VIP perks without the extra cost by marking your baggage as ‘fragile,’ you’ll get your luggage first and airline workers will be exxxtrrraaa careful with it too!

8. Waterproof your bag with a bin liner

Travelling brings weather like no other – rain, storm, sun or shine – waterproof your bag with a bin liner to help your pack and its contents in perfect condition.

9. Bring a reusable bag

Whether you’ll be cooking something up while travelling or going out to try the best restaurants around, it’s always handy to bring a reusable bag that’s sturdy and can handle groceries or extra purchases you didn’t intend to buy! (Oops)

10. Check with your bank and mobile phone providers before you leave

The worst surprise while overseas and coming back from home is discovering that there were unexpected charges on your bank account or that you have been paying for bills you haven’t been using! Make sure to let your bank and phone providers know you’ll be away from home so that there are no surprises when you’re back home.

11. Bring your own water bottle

Not only is this saving the environment from plastic waste, bringing your own water bottle will keep you hydrated throughout your travels (especially in times of need!). A quick tip is to leave it empty while in transit so you can easy re-fill once you’ve passed security.

12. Save money by booking at hostels like Hostel G Perth

If you’re travelling on a budget or not sure if you’re willing to spend extravagant amounts on a room you’ll be spending only 8 hours a day in – you can save heaps while travelling by opting for hostels over hotels, motels or rentals!

Looking at visiting Western Australia and taking your own selfie with a Quokka from Rottnest Island? Save even more and get the BEST rate by booking direct at Hostel G Perth.

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